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What to Consider When Planning Your Party

When you’re planning your special party, you will want everything to be smooth and run without an error – you will also want to be able to enjoy it too. A huge aspect of guaranteeing a great party is selecting the best place from multiple party venues. Selecting a venue with the great vibe, a big enough space, and high-quality amenities can make or break the party you’re throwing. Reduce your choices by using these 5 steps and you’ll have the confidence you need to put down the deposit on the best place for your party.

1. Size matters.

Being the biggest doesn’t always mean better in this scenario. Clearly, a venue that can cater to your entire group is vital – and you don’t want your guests feeling cramped and unable to move freely across the venue. Although, hosting in a room that’s way too large can feel empty and awkward. At times, when a venue is too large, it can ruin the vibe – make sure that when everything comes together it will look nice and be suitable for the party at the same time.

2. Pick up on the vibes.

One of the most vital aspects about selecting a venue is getting an idea on the atmosphere. Is the room large and empty? Does it feel unsafe and uninviting? The vibe of a room can definitely influence the mood of your guests when it comes to throwing a party, some venues are just not meant for the type of party that you are planning. This is why it’s a great idea to see the venue in person, and in detail before making any final decisions. You should ensure that when you go into the venue, it feelslike the right venue for your friends & family.

3. Location is important.

A fancy black suit party? Sounds great! Something more unimportant and casual in a bar? Awesome! Although, keep in consideration that your friends & family will most likely come from all over the area, some people might not want to drive too far from their home to come out for a party. Finding a place with a great location for all (or at least most) will help keep your attendance number solid. If you do select a venue in a more busy city area, you should ensure that it’s easy to get to by public transportation. Nobody wants to go through the annoyance of busy street parking before the night even begins.

4. What’s included with the price?

Some locations will offer all the features that you might need – from audio visual displays to tables, chairs, dishes and silverware to food and drinks. If you’re organising a party with a specific budget, getting a venue that includes everything might be more suitable compared to finding out what the total is at the end of the night. Although, you will have to put in the time and do the research – make a list of the different venues you’re looking at and see what they each offer compared to the others. This will be a huge deciding factor when it comes to creating the perfect party. Some venues will have servers and bartenders as well, so you should make sure to ask about all of the available options.

5. Don’t forget the details.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a huge effect on how an event will go into place. Is there easy parking, or will your guests need to bus/taxi/walk in? This might be a turnoff for some, while others might find it more convenient that they aren’t required to drive. Does the venue have great reviews? Make sure to do some searching on Google to find feedback about the service and quality of the venues you’re looking at. Do any of your guests smoke? You should ensure that there is a specific smoking area that’s easy to get to in order to ensure a great experience for your guests.

At The Grotto Tavern, we provide party venues in Malta, and are known for an amazing vibe with everything included! Get in touch today to see how we can make your party one to remember.

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