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2 Little Secrets About This Lovable Malta Restaurant

Nobody wants more of the same when it comes to great dining experiences.

Finding the perfect venue for your special occasion isn’t always easy. Whether it’s your Mum’s birthday, an office get-together or just an opportunity to take your significant other out for a lovely evening, there’s a mental checklist that your brain is automatically wired to consider, so that you’re guaranteed a memorable occasion.

OK, so your restaurant in Malta must have: great tasting food, a good selection of wines and drinks, friendly and attentive staff, reasonable prices and be set in an awesome environment. Sounds simple enough right? Maybe not.

So where do you begin?

Most of us take the standard route – type ‘Malta Restaurants’ as a quick google search and see what comes up, hoping to be inspired and that the first one on the list is exactly what we were looking for.

Sounds easy enough, but sometimes it can lead to major disappointment and the last thing you need is Aunt Rita chewing your ear off because her dessert wasn’t as tasty as the place she had in mind. Or worse still, that you end up with a repeat of the same old restaurant venue clichés and there’s nothing special about your choice to really wow anyone. Again, not the best way to impress your special somebody, right?

If you don’t want to end up in a restaurant rut - you might need to dig a little deeper and ask around. Explore new options, because the real hidden gems in Malta’s restaurant scene are the ones that you might not have heard of yet - but once discovered, they will take your breath away.

To get you started we’re going to let you in on two little secrets about the Grotto Tavern that can help you plan the perfect night out.

Is this restaurant in Malta, a hive of hidden treasures? Yes! Yes, it is.

Secret one: We’re passionate about thinking outside the box.

Grotto Tavern­ isn’t just more of the same, it’s fast becoming one of the most renowned restaurants in Malta. It’s taking the best that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer and giving it a modern personality. Flavoursome and original.

Let’s face it, why have plain rabbit when you can delight your taste buds with this lusciously tender Rabbit Belly Gateaux. Or why have standard ravioli when outstanding Sheep Cheese and Beetroot Ravioli are on the menu (a little pillow of white and purple heaven in every bite).

With such a creative team in the kitchen, you and your taste buds might just end up in a wild love affair with this menu. But that’s ok. No one should come between you and great food.

Secret two: Who else can offer a 2,000-year-old cave to dine in?

In terms of originality in Malta’s restaurant scene this place really takes the biscuit. Seaside dining? Been there, done that. Dining al fresco? Bought the T-shirt 20 times over. Dinner in a seductive environment, where the very walls speak of untold ancient mysteries? Score to you and your imagination.

Between The Cave and The Blue Room, Grotto Tavern offers two utterly exclusive and totally creative dining and party venues, nestled in the heart of Rabat for that ideal evening out with an innovative touch.

The real secret is don’t start by googling Malta Restaurants, or Restaurants in Malta. Search for The Cave or The Blue Room and be prepared to wow the pants off your Aunt Rita or your partner. We’ll let you take the credit either way.

Book your table or your event at Grotto Tavern.

Blog by Gabrielle Muscat

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