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What Have Our Team Members Been Up To?

It seemed that the two months spent in a partial lockdown would never end! And whilst some of our work did not cease, we did have more time on our hands to do all the things we always said we never had time for! Between the months of March and May, the Hospitality Industry came to a sudden halt that has never been experienced before, and whilst most of us have wished to have more time to travel to different countries, go out to dine more often or meet with friends more, these were also prohibited to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each and every person.

So what have our team members been up to with all this free time on their hands and so many social distancing regulations? Well, it is pleasantly surprising to know that there were very few instances where our team members have gotten bored.

Many of our Team Members decided to improve their culinary skills, from following Masterclasses, cooking shows and also cooking and baking a variety of sweet and savoury dishes from all over the world! Some have mastered the techniques of making sushi, baking the sweetest apple pies and tiramisu, cooking homey Sarma; a Middle Eastern dish of stuffed cabbage, and filling the kitchen with the Eastern scents of curry! Pizza was a favourite amongst our team, who have all tried their hand at making one!

And with such full stomachs, some of our team mates started learning different foreign languages, or improving on the ones they were already learning! Japanese has proven to be challenging to learn as can be said of Russian for our Mediterranean cohort. Spanish was much easier to grasp, perhaps because we are more accustomed to Romantic Languages! Others have put more effort in learning how to play the guitar, and taking care of our gardens, big and small, whilst growing a variety of scented herbs. We were also able to read those books that have been collecting dust on our shelves.

Many of us have channelled that energy we usually brought into our work in enjoying the natural habitats that surround our island. From taking long walks or runs in nature, going to the beach for a relaxing swim, exploring secluded valleys and camping far away from the busy cities! As predicted, movies, TV series and social media were companions when boredom would strike, yet they also made us very grateful to have various technologies at hand to help us communicate, especially with family and friends living abroad.

This short break has served to bring us closer to nature, explore newly found passions and getting an early tan, yet it was also a time for rest, for reorganising our priorities and reinventing ourselves to be able to return to work more energised, more content and to offer a better service than ever before! What we did miss during this break were our loyal customers and their positive feedback, and now that we are back, we cannot be more enthusiastic to serve you all once again!

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