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Variety of Onions

A Variety Of Onions

An origami creation,

Strong as a tree bark.

Circles within circles

Of membranes thinner than paper,

More translucent than air.

Eyes red, the tears shed,

The strongest smell,

The crackling sound.

A sharp taste turned to sweetness

All worth the crying and the angst.

A family bigger than a dynasty,

All different in character and shape.

And from the earth,

You all do rise!

And the world will praise you,

For no food can taste better

Without You.

So diverse, so incredible,

From the thinnest membranes

Made of water, you alone

Can enhance the taste -

Of sweet potato, of those mushrooms,

And the like.

So here’s to you the highest praise,

A plate just for you - of you!

Gabrielle Muscat

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