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Spring At Grotto Tavern

There is nothing more beautiful than Nature in Full bloom at the peak of the Spring Season. The flowers are so colourful and the air smells just as sweet as a perfume shop. It is not only Easter Season, but also the season for new beginnings, rebirth and renewal. It is not just flowers that bloom in Spring, but it is also associated with the young, such as calves, little white lambs, and rabbits, and it is also the season where one can see more of the nocturnal animals that you stop seeing during winter, such as cute hedgehogs.

Spring is also a transition period, between the cold winter months and the scorching heat of our Mediterranean Summer, and a Spring menu needs to reflect such a transition through the food served. At Grotto Tavern we understand new beginnings well and highly appreciate the concept of renewal and with the use of fresh seasonal produce, our team has come up with a menu that epitomises Spring, in colour, textures and tastes.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Our Spring Menu is the right combination of fresh innovative ideas incorporated with classic Mediterranean cuisine. Take our Warm Vichyssoise cream soup, a dish that is typically served cold, is the perfect addition during the transition period between Winter and Summer. Or perhaps our colourful Veal Tarte Fine, with orange and purple carrot ribbons, aubergine caviar and a broken parmesan sable and parmesan espuma to add that salty kick to an otherwise delicate creation.

And for Mains?

Grotto Tavern has especially created their Spring Menu to revolve around the freshest produce and to suit everyone’s taste buds. From the delicious Fillet of Beef, cooked to your liking and served with mushroom duxelle and grilled aubergines, to the Lamb Shoulder Rack served with spiced crushed peas and chickpea flour crisps! There is something for everyone. And if instead you feel like a gorgeous plate of pasta, then why not try the Cured Chicken Cornish Pasta. Delicate house-made egg pasta pockets filled with cured chicken confit, onions and pumpkin and served with a thyme infused coffee sauce! Yes, that’s right! A coffee sauce. The Kitchen team, this season have pulled out all their stops and combined traditional Mediterranean Cuisine with Modern innovative ideas!

What about Vegetarian Options?

The Sky is the Limit at Grotto Tavern! This season, they have expanded their vegetarian options and created dishes that are both beautiful to look at and delicious to taste. Who said that onions can only be used to enhance other dishes? It’s not the case with a main dish where the main ingredient are Onions! Bulb, Leaks, Spring (because you know, it’s the season), a Variety of Onions all in one plate! Or how about some Sheep Cheese Risotto, with garden peas, sundried cherry tomatoes and cracked black pepper? The isolated and contrasting colours within this dish are not the only wonderful aspect of this dish, but so are the textures and flavour!

Got Room for Dessert?

Yes! Yes! There’s always room for Dessert! Especially when there is a house-made Vanilla crème brûlée with a serving of wild berries! Or Fresh Seasonal Strawberries served with a crumble, meringue and crémeux! Better still, something totally new on the market and the latest discovery within the Chocolate world! Chocolate Lovers, gather round and try our Ruby Chocolate Dacquoise!

Got your mouth watering? Then book your table today at Grotto Tavern and whether you choose to dine in our romantic 2,000-year-old cave, our airy dining room that is filled with natural light, or having a family gathering in our exclusively beautiful Blue Room, you will surely have a dining experience of a lifetime, with great tasting food, impeccable service and sophisticated ambience.

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