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This Sunday 10th of May we will be delivering our 6th Sunday Lunch Menu, this week in particular we are celebrating Mothers Day.

Our idea was to create hearty, homey, traditional and seasonal dishes that remind us of our weekly gathering with our families.

When the team meets to discuss these particular menus we all bring back sweet memories of what our families prepare when we all get together. Each with our own personal touch and sometimes weird family traditions! For some of us a particular dish would remind us of “nannas famous meal” while for others “mums specialty” or a particular dish that “reminds us of home” or a “childhood memory”. The secret two ingredient for all these dishes are love and time - which unfortunately due to everyones busy lifestyle time has become very limited.

Our aim was to create an affordable weekly menu, we believe that everyone deserves a break from cooking on a weekly basis. One can truly relax, savour and enjoy the starter, main course and dessert without worrying about the pile of dishes that are waiting in the kitchen to be cleaned… and if you truly want to keep the plates to a minimum both the starter and main course can be eaten in the same plate - we know that’s we do! The desserts are always so temping that we dig in immediately from the container :)

We cannot deny that these past two months have been hard, difficult and challenging but with your constant support, positive feedback and sweet messages we have managed to keep working hard, stay focused and strong. We are very proud to have repetitive clients ordering the Sunday Menu on a weekly basis, some who did not miss a single menu.

With this blog we are sharing with you sweet and funny memories of our team which we also call family.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for your support.

We look forward in welcoming you to our restaurants,

Bottegin Palazzo Xara

Grotto Tavern

MUŻA Restaurant

Barracudas Veċċja

Bastion View Snack Bar

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