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Meet the Grotto Tavern Team:

Jamie Cassar

Favourite dish: Foie Gras

What does Jamie like to do in his spare time: Catching up with friends over some drinks

Dream Holiday: Driving around the USA

From a young age, Jamie has shown an interest in food and started his learning experience in secondary school, where he chose Home Economics as part of his studies. After finishing his O-levels, Jamie started a three-year course at ITS where he graduated with a diploma in the Culinary Arts while also working in some of Malta’s top restaurants. He spent 2 years working in Wales gaining experience and eventually made his return to Malta.

Being one of the youngest members of the Grotto Tavern’s team, Jamie’s passion lies in improving already existing dishes through innovative techniques and also experimenting with different kinds of ingredients to create fresh and unique plates, that are not only sublime to look at but taste delicious as well.

Jamie’s passions include sailing on his boat, travelling to different countries and meeting new people, but his greatest passion still remains the culinary arts, where he is constantly reading and learning more about the science of food. He hopes that one day this will flourish into his dream of becoming Chef Patron.

Post by Gabrielle Muscat

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