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Meet Our Restaurant Manager

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Damiano Bulone

Favourite Dish: Beef Tartare with White Truffle

Favourite Wine: Amarone

Best Vacation Ever: Cuba

Damiano joined our team at the beginning of this year with a very important role, that of our Restaurant Manager at Grotto Tavern. Damiano captivated our hearts and was the perfect candidate for our distinctive venue.

Not only does Damiano have a degree from the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences as well as a Masters Degree in Tourism, but his managerial experiences also range from working in tourist villages and resorts in Kenya as well as in commercial catering facilities in Italy.

In spite of the fact that working in the front-of-house department, Damiano has a passion for cooking, and from time to time he likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchen, cooking mouth-watering Italian bites.

We invite you to come and experience Grotto Tavern for tantalising food and wine sensations complimented with excellent service.

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