Introducing the Grotto Tavern Team:

Diego Henrique de Lima

Favourite Food to Cook: Seafood Risotto

Favourite Dessert: Crème Brûlée

What Diego likes to do in his free time: Having a great time with true friends

Diego’s passion for food started around seven years ago, when he found the need to cook for himself. Because of this, he started looking for a job in the catering business, and so his adventure in restaurants started as a kitchen porter and chef helper back in Brazil, where Diego hails from. Opportunities started flowing his way as he learnt more about food.

A close friend eventually offered him an opportunity to improve his skills here in Malta. He had never heard about our small island before, yet through some online research he immediately fell in love with the Maltese culture, the beautiful weather and the chance to swim in the stunning Mediterranean Sea. It was difficult at first because he was far away from family and friends and Diego almost gave up pursuing his dreams because life seemed too challenging at the time. However, Malta soon became Diego’s home, where he felt freer to express his feelings and passions, started making friends with the locals and he eventually found a second family at one of the company’s restaurants, Bottegin Palazzo Xara, two years ago. The company saw great potential in Diego and he started working at the Grotto Tavern last February. Diego’s wish is to improve further his culinary skills with the help of his mentor and our Head Chef Matthew Schembri.

Post by Gabrielle Muscat



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