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Introducing the Executive Head Chef

Matthew Schembri

Favourite Football Team: Manchester United

Favourite Food to Eat: Fish

Dream Holiday Destination: Asia

Matthew Schembri has been working in the catering business from a very young age when he started helping his father, who is also a chef. After finishing secondary school, he attended ITS and also completed a year abroad working in one of Scotland’s top Hotels.

Back in Malta he continued to gain experience in various top fine dining restaurants. Each restaurant he worked in received multiple awards such as Top Food. Eventually, Matthew took the position of Head Chef in another prominent restaurant, where under his management the restaurant received the award of Best Overall Restaurant, two years in a row. Matthew moved on to work in one of Malta’s largest and top hotels and due to the substantial size of the international and multicultural team, he gained further experience from the managerial standpoint.

Leading a restaurant kitchen was always his top priority and during Easter time he joined the company as Grotto Tavern’s Executive Head Chef. His next ambitious project with the company is the upcoming launch of Muza in Valletta, which is due to open in the coming months. With his spontaneous character, and passion for food, Matthew won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Post by Gabrielle Muscat

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