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How To Organise Your Private Events

Plan Ahead

It is important to begin planning your event early. Any successful party ought to be planned in advance, but as you don't have control over every element of the place, you'll have to nail down the logistics element. Start by thinking about the type of event that you want to have, what are you imagining? Can this be a sit-down dinner in a private room on a Saturday night at 7pm? Or do you need everyone to get together for a stand up reception? Decide on a date for your occasion and narrow down a theme. Answer these questions before you contact any restaurant.

Scout It Out

As soon as you've figured out the basic facts, get online and study potential restaurants. If you would like it at a private area, seek out restaurants which have private rooms. If you would like to host a less casual occasion like a brunch, hunt for restaurants which have large communal tables. Create a list of five to eight potential places, grab a friend, and scout them out

Find Out What They Can Offer

Alright, so you have got your place picked out; now you need to reach out to the venue’s staff and make everything fall into place. It’s best to either call or go to the restaurant to see if they can cater for what you’re looking to host - some restaurants might be too small, some might have strict policies in place, but some will be able to host you and your friends. Make sure that you talk to a manager & prebook the tables needed for your event, at times, a prepayment might be needed to secure your spot on a popular evening, but it depends on the restaurants policy.

Share Details

Establish a meeting with the owner during regular business hours to talk about all of the details of the occasion. Check about the food menu and if you are allowed to bring in some items (such as a cake) and decorations. Can you bring in vases with flowers? In that case, what time can you get them there. Tell the staff how many people you expect to come well in advance so that they can staff an extra bartender if necessary.

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