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78% of people think our Malta restaurant is excellent. Here’s why.

‘Once you’ve visited, you’ll be back for more.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so in fact, we won’t!

It’s easy enough for restaurants in Malta to gloat about why their food is better than everywhere else and advertise as such. Sadly, people fall into the trap that a few restaurants in Maltaset quite regularly and are genuinely disappointed with their decisions time and time again. From sloppy service, to tasteless meals - we’ve probably all been there and grudgingly walked away dissatisfied, unhappy with our choices and wondering how we could have gotten it so wrong.

Well, we like to think a little differently.

We dedicate our time to the more important aspects of running a great Malta restaurant, rather than simply bragging about it or promoting it. Focusing instead on the food, training our team and creating an impeccable environment designed for total pleasure by our clients.

Truth be told, our Chef and kitchen staff are delighted when reviews refer to our food saying ‘… everything was mouth-watering.’ Or how our Roast Wood Quail, complemented with a side of rabbit liver and pork croquettes was a huge delight for one client, who also commented on our Octopus starter and how we lovingly cook it for over 5 hours to ensure it has the right balance between taste and tenderness. Is there any other way?

We try not to let our Chef get too big-headed when guests regularly comment on how he clearly knows what he is doing, but in all fairness, he does deserve it.

We spend a lot of time considering what specials to add to our menu, opting for fresh seasonal delicacies to offer new taste experiences for our regulars and guests alike. What Malta restaurantcan be reviewed as excellent if they don’t take advantage of the all the delights offered by the Mediterranean Sea?

‘Fabulous, cosy, warm, rustic yet creative and sophisticated.’

You can have the tastiest meal in the world, but if you’re eating it in the wrong environment it tends to really bring down the overall experience. Our ambition was to design a restaurant in Maltawhich was unique, yet still offered a traditionally Maltese atmosphere for our guests.

Dining out should always be an escape, a moment to just sit back and pause time for a few hours of sheer bliss.

Set in an idyllic old house of character and nestled in the heart of Rabat, Grotto Tavern is a lovely step back in time, right from the second you enter.

But it’s the Grotto itself, an old cave used as a shelter during the war, which is what really takes their breath away. A perfect place for private dinner parties or a romantic evening for couples.

From our side it’s great when guests say that ‘a very happy team run this restaurant and it shows’. Because it’s so true. We feel successful when clients leave with fully satisfied taste buds and bellies, and with a grin stretching from ear to ear. That’s what we call a job well done.

Subtlety is the name of the game.

The way we see it, successful Malta restaurants like ours, take a far subtler approach than broadcasting loud and wide about why you should go there.

The only way to figure out if a specific Restaurant in Maltais worth a visit, is based on its existing reputation.

So we let our 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor do the talking.

After all, we’d rather spend our time crafting an amazing menu for our guests to tuck into than anything else. Maybe that’s why over 78% of the clientele that we’ve welcomed here, rate us as excellent.

Book your table or event at Grotto Tavern and give us a go. According to our guests, you won’t be disappointed.

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