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Our Rooms

Grotto Tavern, a Beautiful Culinary Experience


Situated in Rabat’s historical centre, Grotto Tavern focuses on seasonal produce transformed into dishes prepared with the utmost care, finesse, passion and presentation.

As you make your way down the stairs, an aura of wonder takes over, and no matter how many times you’ve visited Grotto Tavern, that feeling of underground mystery and discovery always finds a way to settle in and take over your thoughts. Diners are welcomed at the foot of the stairs by one of our team members, and their gentle smile sets the tone immediately. A short walk to your dining area allows your magical experience to begin.

Each part of Grotto Tavern evokes its own particular ambiance and natural feeling, and with the use of appropriate furniture and complementary accents, there is a sense of fluid continuity which provides a unique interest to the eyes.

Diners at Grotto Tavern have three dining options:


The 'Dining Garden Room' enter a natural environment created by a diversity of indoor plants. It is a pleasure to the senses where one can feast on a blend of textures, shadows and colours exuded by the surrounding environment, coming together and complimenting the culinary creations thought of by our Kitchen Team.

It is an ideal environment for business lunch/dinners, meals between friends or even casual dining experiences that can be enjoyed with family members.


If you are looking for an exclusive area, we also have a fantastic setting known as the ‘Exclusive Private Room’. It is named for its striking blue walls and can be decorated, set up and presented to your requirements when booked for a larger party.  The Room seats 12 diners comfortably and serves the typical Maltese family dining out on a Sunday pretty well. It can also be used for business lunches/ dinners where private meetings can be held.


The pièce de résistance is surely ‘The Cave’ where a romantic setting, a feeling of warmth and special seclusion fills the area for an evening meal bursting with fully executed potential. The Cave is naturally tucked away in the lowest quarters of the restaurant where a dug-out seating area is sheltered by the stone walls of Malta’s prehistoric past. The low lighting, simple yet tasteful decor and key attention to detail makes this room the star of the entire eatery.

We even cater for special events where a selection of house cocktails and in-house catering is provided for the optimum guest experience. With our professional team we will help you create the ideal setting for a memorable day.

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